Our Process

Ready to invest in yourself ?

1. Consultation

We offer both face to face and HIPAA protected virtual consultations for your privacy and safety. 

  • Comprehensive evaluation of your goals, unique anatomy and medical history

  • Careful analysis of your features

  • Discussion of your priorities and concerns

Explanation of treatment options, including the pros and cons of each, and which is likely to deliver your ideal aesthetic. 

2. Custom Tailored
Pre-Op Visit


Confirm the goals of the scheduled procedure and review details of your individualized surgery, designed specifically  for  your body and your ideal result.

  • Meticulous measurements

  • Artistic analysis

  • Medical photography

  • VECTRA® H2 3D imaging system  to help visualize your expected result. 

3. Precision Surgery


Performing each personalized procedure with the utmost care and precision, Dr. Basci understands that her craft is as much an art form as it as a technical performance.

To ensure you benefit from the best possible experience and to protect your safety, Dr. Basci:

  • Only operates at fully accredited surgical centers and hospitals

  • Works with board certified anesthesiologists and reputable surgical staff

4. Concierge Care


The relationship is not over after surgery!


Our office is available 24/7 should you have questions, concerns, or need of our help!

Dr. Basci and her team are committed to making sure you have a smooth and comfortable recovery.

5. Shine!