Our Policies

Dr. Deniz Basci and her staff are dedicated to providing each patient with an impeccable and transparent experience from start to finish.


To ensure you understand your financial obligations, please make sure you read all of the following.


It is important to us that all of your questions are answered and that you encounter no surprises along the way. Our patient coordinator is available to explain all of the fees and payment options available to you before you schedule your surgery.


Booking & Cancellations

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Reservation Fees

Due at the time of booking your appointment

Due when scheduling an office procedure

Due when reserving an OR date

Due 2 weeks prior to any surgery or office procedure.

New Consult Fee

We require a one-time $150 deposit to reserve your consultation with Dr. Basci. This payment will count toward any surgical or non-surgical treatment you book with Dr. Basci during your visit. When you call to schedule your appointment, our staff will ask you to provide a valid credit card for payment of the new consultation fee.

Dr. Basci and her office set aside valuable time for you, so we ask that you notify us 24 hours in advance, if your plans change and you need to reschedule. Any cancellations within 24 hours of an appointment are subject to a rebooking fee.

Follow-up visits are complimentary and encouraged any time before or after your treatment to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Surgery & Procedure Deposits

We require a $1000 deposit at the time of surgery scheduling to reserve the operating room for your treatment or a $500 deposit for in-office procedures, including lasers. This fee will be applied to your total cost.

Full payment is due 2 weeks prior to surgery.

We understand that sometimes circumstances require postponing your surgical procedure. We are happy to accommodate any changes to your surgery date 2 weeks in advance. Any requests to reschedule or cancel surgery less than 2 weeks before the expected operative date are subject to a rebooking penalty fee and loss of deposit.


Cancellations 2 weeks prior to expected surgery are eligible for transfer of the deposit towards other procedures, in-office injectables, or laser treatments.

Cancellations on shorter notice, impact not only you and Dr. Basci, but also the anesthesia team, operating room staff, and other patients. Surgical procedures rescheduled less than 2 weeks in advance are subject to a rescheduling penalty fee. Surgical cancellations less than 2 weeks in advance may result in the loss of the entire deposit.


Payment & Financing

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Accepted Forms of Payment

♦  American Express
♦  Visa
♦  C


We understand that many patients prefer to finance either a portion or the total sum of their elective aesthetic procedures. Our patient coordinator is knowledgeable and helpful in guiding you through the process of selecting the right financing option for you. We partner with PatientFi® and CareCredit®, both confidential services that help navigate the approval and financing process



Insurance Coverage

We accept a number of different health insurance plans including Medicare for reconstructive and medically indicated procedures. Our patient coordinator will work with you and your health insurance provider to arrange pre-authorization and coverage of your procedure. Please contact our office to find out more.

The vast majority of cosmetic procedures are not covered by personal health insurance plans. Our patient coordinator is available to discuss individual cases.

Full payment for services is your responsibility and is due 4 weeks prior to any in-office or operative procedure.

We partner with CosmetAssure® to help patients protect themselves from the financial burden of unexpected post-surgical complications. Our patient coordinator will discuss CosmetAssure® plan included in your procedure estimate and help guide you through the process.



Revisions & Complications

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Dr. Deniz Basci founded Dallas Premier Plastic Surgery to create a first-class practice based on outstanding cosmetic outcomes, discretion, and empathy. The aesthetic process is a deeply personal partnership. The stakes are high. The room for error is low. There are anatomic and biological limits to what is possible. Ultimately, the desired result is a subjective preference that can be tough to define. Most importantly, neither the surgeon nor the patient has complete control over the outcome, due to the forces of healing and sometimes other unforeseen variables.

Dr. Basci takes meticulous care to ensure that she and her patients are on the same page before surgery, with regard to expectations and goals. She emphasizes that once the patient leaves the operating room every result is immediately subject to their body’s healing process, which can be unpredictable. No one can guarantee a perfect result and everyone’s definition of perfect is different. Dr. Basci takes all possible precautions to guard against complications or revisions.


Every surgery carries risks of complications. At Dallas Premier Plastic Surgery, we want to make sure our patients are financially protected in the unlikely event of an emergent problem that requires hospitalization. The costs incurred from complications of cosmetic surgery may not be covered by regular health insurance policies. We require all patients undergoing elective surgery to participate with CosmetAssure® complication coverage. This is to make sure our patients are not left facing an unexpected financial burden.

CosmetAssure® is included in all our surgery fee quotes and is discussed with you at the time you are given your procedure estimate.



Dr. Basci is more than willing to discuss an outcome and the patient’s desired goal for revision. In most cases, patients are not eligible for revision until 12 months after the initial procedure, when healing and scar maturation are complete. Intervening too soon, before the body is ready or before the result has stabilized can be unpredictable and even dangerous. Dr. Basci reviews each situation closely on a case-by-case basis. If she agrees there is well-defined room for improvement and realistic goals, then she will suggest the appropriate revision surgery.

In the uncommon event that a patient requests a revision or an emergency, that necessitates a return to the operating room, the patient will incur surgical fees, anesthesia fees, and facility fees that may or may not be covered by their individual insurance policy. The patient is responsible for full payment of services and any reimbursement is between the patient and their insurance carrier. Dr. Basci’s office is happy to assist in helping our patients collect any benefit from their policy by providing the necessary medical documentation or physician communications requested.



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Combining exceptional skill with her passion for aesthetics, Dr. Basci approaches each individual with the utmost care when designing personalized treatment plans. At Dallas Premier Plastic Surgery, patients are the priority and at the core of everything we do. Dr. Basci dedicates a meaningful block of time to each new patient consultation. Her unhurried approach allows her to thoroughly get to know her patients and their priorities while assessing their aesthetic aims.

After an in-depth discussion, Dr. Basci conducts a comprehensive exam, in some cases, meticulous measurements, followed by studio medical photography and Vectra® H2 3D photography. She methodically outlines all of the available treatment options from least to more invasive and explains some of the biological reasons behind aging. Dr. Basci recommends which precise treatment she trusts will best achieve the patient’s goals. Ultimately, it is the patient’s decision which plans to select after understanding the benefits and drawbacks of every alternative.

Dr. Basci strives to produce exceptional results for every patient. Her clear communication style, customized surgical planning, and meticulous operative technique are intended to ensure every patient’s safety and satisfaction. Defining appropriate and achievable expectations are paramount to her success.

As a woman-owned business, the practice is uniquely positioned to understand patients’ goals and help them realize their dreams in a safe and supportive setting.


Dr. Deniz Basci and her staff are dedicated to providing each patient with an impeccable and transparent aesthetic experience from start to finish. To ensure you understand your financial obligations, our patient coordinator will explain all of the fees and payment options available to you before you schedule your surgery. It is important to us that all of your questions are answered and that you encounter no surprises along the way.