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If you’re considering undergoing a face procedure in Dallas, it’s vital that you choose the right surgeon for the job. Dr. Deniz Basci, founder of Dallas Premier Plastic Surgery, is a renowned surgeon with numerous satisfied patients and a passion for advancing the art of plastic surgery. She performs a variety of cosmetic facial procedures that are custom-tailored for each patient’s aesthetic goals.


Dr. Basci’s personalized finesse facelift restores a more youthful appearance by tightening loose facial skin and smoothing away wrinkles. Also called a rhytidectomy, this surgical procedure involves lifting and tightening underlying facial tissues. With a facelift, patients can look up to ten years younger and can enjoy long-lasting results.

Facelift provides more benefits, including improving facial symmetry, enhancing facial contours, and rejuvenating skin quality with a healthier and smoother complexion. The procedure also offers long-lasting results for about 10 years, but it varies among patients.

Neck Lift

As a result of the aging process, genetics, and lifestyle factors, the neck develops sagging skin and excess fat. The platysma muscles also become loose. These changes result in a double chin, a turkey-wattle neck, and other contour irregularities in the neck region.

A neck lift can address all of these issues during a single surgical session. Liposuction, removal of excess skin, and tightening of the platysma muscles can all be performed, resulting in a sculpted, contoured, and youthful neck.

Getting a neck lift can give you a more defined jawline, restore natural neck contours to make you look rejuvenated and refreshed. It can also enhance the overall profile and proportions of the face and neck. Its results usually last 10 to 15 years, especially when maintained with good skin care.

Brow Lift

Dr. Basci’s attractively arched brow lift restores definition to drooping eyebrows and reduces the appearance of forehead wrinkles. During a brow lift (also known as a forehead lift), underlying tissues in the forehead are tightened with a high degree of precision. Dr. Basci’s deep understanding of brow aesthetics makes her the ideal choice for this procedure.

A brow lift can significantly reduce the signs of aging on the forehead and brow area, providing a more youthful and refreshed look. It can help create a more open, alert, and approachable facial expression and improve vision for individuals with drooping eyelids or brows obstructing their sight.

Eyelid Surgery

The upper and lower eyelids develop aging signs like drooping, puffiness, and fine lines. These can create a constantly tired appearance. Upper blepharoplasty and lower blepharoplasty are elegant eyelid surgery options that restore a fresh and alert look. To achieve these results, muscle tissue is tightened, excess bulging fat is repositioned and/or removed, and excess skin is removed.

More benefits of eyelid surgery include alleviating eye fatigue and strain associated with constantly raised brows or excessive eyelid skin and diminishing fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, enhancing a more youthful look. By addressing drooping lower eyelids, it can improve peripheral vision and overall eye function.

Ear Surgery

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, makes ears look more natural by correcting a variety of cosmetic issues. This procedure can make oversized ears smaller, bring overprojecting ears closer to the head, and address a number of malformations. During this face procedure, Dr. Basci can precisely reshape the cartilage and soft tissue of the ears.

Otoplasty can enhance overall facial balance and aesthetics by improving ear proportion and placement. It can address congenital ear deformities, such as prominent ears, providing a more natural and balanced look.


Chin surgery can give the face improved balance and harmony. By adjusting the appearance of the chin, it can be brought into better proportion with the rest of the facial features. Even subtle changes to the chin can make a major difference when it comes to one’s profile.

Chin surgery can correct bite problems (malocclusion) related to jaw misalignment, improving dental function and speech. It can improve chewing and swallowing functions. In some cases, it may improve airflow through the nasal passages and alleviate breathing difficulties related to jaw or chin abnormalities.

Facial Fat Grafting

Facial fat grafting is a face procedure that involves addressing signs of aging using a natural filler: the patient’s own fat cells. These cells are harvested from areas where excess fat is present, like the abdomen and the thighs. After they are purified, they are carefully injected into regions of the face. This restores volume and fills in age lines, creating a younger look.

Facial fat grafting provides a natural and harmonious enhancement by using the patient’s own tissue, avoiding the “overfilled” or artificial appearance sometimes associated with synthetic fillers. Grafted fat cells tend to be long-lasting, often providing enduring results compared to temporary dermal fillers.

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