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Cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon Dr. Deniz Basci regularly performs beautifully customized breast procedures at Dallas Premier Plastic Surgery. Every treatment is meticulously designed to match each patient’s unique anatomical proportions and enhance their body confidence.

Understanding Breast Procedures

There are multiple kinds of breast procedures. Breast augmentation means an increase in size, often with implants. Alternatively, a fat grafting breast augmentation involves utilizing excess fat tissue from elsewhere on the body.

For patients preferring a decrease in size, Dr. Basci can use the breast reduction technique. For less sagging and a more youthful appearance, a breast lift could be the ideal choice.

Are you interested in both a lift and a reduction? That’s also a possibility. On the other hand, many women have trusted Dr. Basci’s expert skills and eye for incredible results when they need a revision after being treated by a less qualified provider.

To begin your treatment journey, click on the links below to learn about Dr. Basci’s most popular breast procedures:

The Consultation Process

To determine which breast procedure(s) you qualify for, you’ll first need to schedule a private in-person or virtual consultation with Dr. Basci. After studying your medical history and current features, you’ll have a detailed conversation about your priorities and which options are possible based on your particular anatomy.

If you’re interested in other body or face treatments (both surgical and non-surgical), be sure to mention them at this time so we can discuss how they might also fit into your treatment plan. If approved and scheduled for a breast procedure, you’ll be given important preparation instructions and information on what to expect during your recovery.

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To find out more about our breast procedures in Dallas, contact our office. Dr. Basci has the skill and experience needed to achieve the high-quality results patients deserve. Schedule your informative personalized consultation today.